Extra chapter:The language study is wonderful.

Such an event happened. Someday.
An Indonesian girl,
on twitter ,each other following.

She is Memeei.
Her said,
"Can I write in my blog about you? "

"Of course"I said.and I visited her blog.

The article is 'Temanku Belajar Bahasa Indonesia',[My friend who is studying Indonesian] of

'Word For My World'.
Full text Indonesian language.

However,I try to read it.coz,it's for my study.

so hard.

I had a headache.(but,maybe too easy. )
I think,I shoud buy Dictionary of Indonesian language → Japanese.

about this.....
(It is a free translation)

I can't remember Indonesian words easily.

so,I should tweet Indonesian as possible.
with halfway idea.

I wanna tweet."I have a headache."in Indonesia.

and I tweeted.「あたま sakit」.
(sakit=pain,sick. I should tweet " kepalanya pening")

memeei watched it,and surprised.
"sakit? sick?
or.Japanese have homonym word of sakit??
teaches to me foolish~~~~-_-"

she was confused.
(but I think .she is wise.coz,still 14 old.)

but she doesn't leave as not understand.
wise person is always ,don't leave as not understand,
it's true.

she asked me about it.
so,I said."just headache".

her next question is,
"why are you studying Indonesian?"

I answered.
"I study Indonesia.maybe I will can chat Indonesian girls."

(I couldn't say her it.coz,my Indonesian & English is poor.lol)

I wanna try studying language again.
so,I follow overseas tweeples.

most easily,kindly to speak person.
who are Indonesian girls.

coz,we have common chatting theme.

it's a Johnny's idols.lol

at first.I wasn't Johnny's idol's fan so much.
now,I like them.but it's not cause their face.

However, our younger sister was a enthusiastic "Kan Jany ∞"fan.

she was hottest their fan.

I don't have interest in TV.
abandoned the right of TV channel.
but It was mistake.

she played DVD of them all day long.!!!!!!

if I don't try to remind it,I can remind easily.
it's almost brainwash.

I have basic knowledge of Johnny's idol.
(now my fav idol group is "Kan Jany".coz,they're funny.)

the other.
I don't have image of Indonesia , cleary.
it's interesting.

in a Southeast Asian area.
Johnny's idol have awesome popular.(chiefly HeySayJUMP).

so,my overseas follwers .almost Indonesian girls.

I think.
even if Japan and overseas.
Johnny's idol's fans are all same.so lovely.

collecting hard info of idol.
(what a small article in magazine.they clips and booked)
If a woman who bullies her idol.in the drama.
they angry. "hiiiiiiiiiissss!!"

all same.

memeei said.
"in Indonesia.so proud to learn the abroad language.
Japanese are same.it's Simbiosis mutualisme.

other Indonesian girls is glad for my Indonesian study.
coz,"on the Internet.
can't find tweeples with mother language.sad."

they love japan.

one Indonesian girl said.
"when all things go well.I can go to the Japan.
as an exchange student."

I wanna support them as I possible.(coz,they're so cute.)
for my study overseas language.
coming close to day Japanese events.
I tell them it.

The Japanese person is my respect person,who names UKIYA TOJIRO(1942~1965).

he was a racing driver.In the 1960's.
he is often said ."Genius type".

but I think.he is "Genius of the effort".
(like a Japanese comedian KOBAYASHI KENTARO.[rahmens])

"do it.when I wanna do it."
he did it so,foolhardy.
and his dreams come true.

when he went studying in AMERICA.(it was also foolhardy.)

he taught Japanese culture to many American.
(peculiar culture pattern.and also the mind of the zen.!!)

at the school.he was a frivolous student.
but he left such a messages.

"To graduate, I am not studying.

I am not studying .for the diploma has nothing purpose.
I wanna study for my interest things.

if I have interest in something.I study it.
if I wanna study.I study it.

I do not have a mind to spend youth .on no my belief .

and I wanna get true education. no getting my diploma."

maybe he was a free man.who is brought up like a prince.
but he went his best for his interest.

not same scale.but I have same mind of him.

I can do my interest thing cause it is allowed to various people.
I am thank to them.

to find who helps me.
to find who teach me.
to find what interest thing.

I think.
to study language is awesome shortcut. to do that.

Using twitter,
I got a happy things from Electric Horseman.
I can learn languages,cultures and more.

terima kasih banyak!! senang bertemu dengan anda sekalian!!
(thank you very much,everyone.I'm happy to meet you!!)

For @memeei, wish your Japanese will be better .then you can understand what i write here.







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